Our Services – Insurance Solutions

Nobody plans to fail, but many fail to plan. Life happens and ensuring that you’re protected during times of uncertainty can provide a sense of security that everything will be okay in the end. Our insurance review and analysis helps you determine how much and what types of insurance products should be part of your financial strategy.

Life Insurance - We have strategic relationships with many competitive life insurance companies. Life insurance provides protection for your family or business against the unknown and can serve as an efficient form of tax-advantaged savings. We will help ensure your future is protected at the appropriate level.

Disability Insurance - Disability insurance is a tool that helps replace missing income if the ability to work is compromised as a result of an accident, injury or illness. There are two major types of disability insurance – short term and long term. Even if you have disability insurance through an employer, a professional can help you determine an adequate amount to protect you and your family.

Long Term Care – Advances in medical care allow people to live statistically longer lives. However, when people live longer, they often face challenges caring for themselves as a result of injury, illness, or old age. Long Term Care insurance can help individuals preserve their dignity and quality of life.

We know what happens when a family member falls ill and is no longer capable of caring for themselves on a daily basis. We’ve seen the heartache created when a daughter sacrifices a career to care for her parents, or a son absorbs the monumental hardship that can occur when his parents need to rapidly divest of all their assets to qualify for Medicaid. We can help you to minimize or even avoid these problems. We know how to help you preserve your family’s legacy while keeping your dignity. We can help you prepare now for a secure tomorrow — for you and your children.

Annuities – Sometimes referred to as “retirement insurance,” annuities can provide a sense of security that your money will be there for you when you need it. Annuities can provide guaranteed growth of principal as well as guaranteed income for life. We work with many different insurance carriers with various annuity features and benefits that may provide you with the guarantees that you’re seeking.


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